6 Famous Painting Masterpieces of the 21st Century


Just like writing or music, painting began on rocks, clay and the woven threads of textile. It swiftly moved to wood panels, and canvas. Modern painting is executed on plasma screens and graphic novels. Nevertheless, painting remains one of the most effective methods of self-expression. Numerous paintings have been created in the recent past, but only a few have stood the test of time, enough to become icons. Below is a highlight of the painting masterpieces from the 21st century.


100 Years Ago By Peter Doig


This painting reveals a supernatural figure of a bearded, long-haired man who is sitting on a canoe. The sky around him appears to be vivid pink in color while the sea surrounding him is incredibly still. An island can be seen on the horizon, and it gets you wondering whether the man emerged from it. This painting inspires a weird feeling, which is probably because the artist created it after watching a horror movie.


Pie Face by Lisa Yuskavage


Created in 2008, this painting exhibits a woman posing in front of a draped sheet, wearing nothing but thigh-high socks and underwear. Her facial features are obscured by a cream that is smeared all over her face, and she’s holding a small bouquet of flowers. This paint portrays Yuskavage’s meticulous attention to naturalistic tone and space.


The Hinterland by Glenn Brown


This painting depicts a strange creature from which peculiar images of distorted body parts including an eyeball, hands, and arms emerge. The piece is basically a reproduction of multiple fragments of random artworks that are merged to form a monstrous, complex image hovering between figuration and abstraction.


The Tree by Ibrahim EL-Salahi


This magnificent piece of art is inspired by the Haraz, a tree that grows along river Nile. It demonstrated the typical Sudanese climate where trees flourish during the dry season and lose their leaves in the wet season.


The Hospital by Maria Lassnig


This painting seeks to demonstrate the hardship faced by people as the age. It shows two deformed bodies with gaping wounds and without limbs, lying helplessly. Their faces appear to be pained and full of fear.


The Armpit by Ellen Altfest


Although an armpit is one of the most rarely depicted body parts, it’s virtually impossible not to admire this piece. This highly detailed painting reveals hair, blue veins and even stretch marks, which demonstrates Altfest’s unmatched skills with the brush.


Although it’s often ignored by art prizes, it is apparent that painting is trendier than ever. Young painters have emerged over the last decade, most of whom feel free to paint what they want. Pictorial communication that involves the use of symbols, images, signs, and colors on a flat surface is among the oldest and arguably the richest of human inventions. At this rate, nothing can stop the massive force that is the art of modern painting. It has even spread to different mediums like tattooing. Check our next article discussing the best tattoo aftercare instructions.